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Bathmate - HydroXtreme 11 Penispomp - Transparant

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Maximised Penis Pump Performance.
Bathmate HydroXtreme11 is the single largest penis pump in the world, and the latest model from our advanced Bathmate HydroXtreme Series. Designed for men who measure over 9 inches when erect, our hydropump drastically increases blood flow to the penis, creating harder, longer lasting erections, making a real improvement to your sex life.
As with the other Bathmate penis pumps, the HydroXtreme11 is simple to use, and delivers real results. Simply fill the unit with warm water, and seal it against your body for three 5-minute sessions to see real results. If you"re an experienced user, the HydroXtreme11 lets you add an additional level of pressure to your workout via the included handball attachment, maximising pump pressure to create even stronger results.

Formerly known as the Hydro Xtreme X50, we"ve rebranded the HydroXtreme11 to give our customers an easier way to find a pump that"s perfect for them. With the HydroXtreme11 being a real niche product given its size.

Carry case
Measuring Gauge
Cleaning Sponge
Comfort Insert Pad
Hose Attachment
Bathmate Clean
Security Lock
Shower Strap
Wash Towe

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Materiaal: Polycarbonaat/TPE

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