Dorcel Plaisir Hammam Gardenia 2-in-1 Glijmiddel en Massage

SKU 3713

Lubricant and Massage Oil 2in1 Pleasure Hammam Dorcel, a bottle that will bring you everything you need to spend a romantic evening with your partner.

This lubricant also acts as massage oil, let the hands of your partner offered through your body. Intimate and delicious moments of tenderness to give up under her expert hands.

This silicone lubricant is perfect for easy entry for your lover, ensuring exquisite sensations!

Beautiful evenings in perspective with this lubricant 2 in 1 signed Dorcel.

Ingredients : cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, fragrance, hydroxycitronellal, alpha-iso-methylionone, linalool.